About The Logical Daydreamer

An optimistic realist. The original Logical Daydreamer.

It’s all about perspective

I’m a mother of one precocious toddler, a boy with huge blue eyes and perpetually tousled hair. I work hard, play harder, and try to keep a positive outlook at all times.

Your standard Aquarian, I’ve never been afraid to share my thoughts or opinions and thus started this blog; it is nothing more (nor less) than a place to share thoughts, perhaps have a friendly debate, and log my own accomplishments. It is, admittedly, a truly self-serving endeavor for which I make absolutely no apologies.

There will be rants, lectures, fits of occasional self-pity, and lots of laughter. As time allows there will be posts on fitness and nutrition to compliment the optimistic lifestyle that serves me so well.

I wish you happy reading.



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Judgement Day

Warrior DashJune 17th, 2012
Judgement Day: A day to push past my limits, cavort in the mud, and celebrate with a beer!
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