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Taking My Own Advice

I’ve been going back and forth for the last two years on what I want to ultimately do with my future. I’m almost done with my A.A.S. in management and I know I need to continue on for my Bachelor’s, but I haven’t been able to decide what I should major in. The dreamer in me wants medical – Nursing, Dietician, Physical Therapist, etc. The realist knows that those are full-time programs that require me to be on campus five days a week, 9 -10 hours a day.

As much as I like to daydream I know that the ability to be on campus for a more intensive program just isn’t in the cards right now. I looked into programs to become a registered dietician – a topic that excites and interests me and a career I could really get into. Even though I can complete the educational requirements in a flex learning manner, it has an internship requirement that can take up to two years and there’s no guarantee I’d match with an internship where I live. 

It feels as if the world is guiding me back to majoring in Business again and again. I’m good at it, it’s familiar, it pays decently, and there’s a lot of flexibility with it. If fate really does have business in mind for me right now I guess I have to go with it. It’s a good thing I’ve never believed I had to love my job to be happy. To me, a job is what you do to support yourself and your family. It is the tool that enables and finances the things you love to do. (Although I will admit that you need to at least like your job.)

I’m not going to stress over my educational path and I’m done trying to force a major that just isn’t workable right now. When and if the time is right, the pieces will fall into place. In the meantime I’m just going to breathe and enjoy my summer off with my son, my son’s father, and the rest of my family.

When the fall semester rolls around the perfect solution may be tossed my way by fate.

In the interim I’m going to take my own advice to “keep calm and tread on”.



About The Logical DayDreamer

I'm a hopeless optimist and a "logical" daydreamer. I see the sun behind the clouds, color in darkness, beauty within the pain and I believe that a life lived without enthusiasm is a life completely wasted.


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