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Live. Laugh. Love

Free Live Laugh Love Texture

Free Live Laugh Love Texture (Photo credit: inspire*dream*create*)

Live. Laugh. Love.

These are three words that I live by. No, it hasn’t always been easy. I remember, years ago when I was married, I had a husband who always needed more. More money, more things, more everything. He would stress over every little thing. Back then I gave great advice. “if there isn’t anything you can do about it right now, then just breathe and let it go. The solution will come to you when the time is right.”

I used to live by that advice too. The recession was more than monetarily devastating for a lot of people. For many people it was a time of uncertainty. A time that threw people into chaos and left them feeling a lack of security in their lives. People like me, who were doing everything right, still couldn’t get out from under the cloud of a bad economy. I liken what followed, the constant worry and anxiety, to post traumatic stress disorder. Once you’ve lived through a time where there was nothing you could do to make your life better or easier you worry that the bottom is going to fall out from under you again. Constantly.

It took baby steps to embrace life again, even when it’s chaotic. I used to enjoy occasional chaos because it kept me on my toes. I’m slowly getting back there. I refuse to worry about the things that I cannot control and I focus on living my life every day, laughing as much as I can, and loving with all my heart.

Just a short thought for the morning.



About The Logical DayDreamer

I'm a hopeless optimist and a "logical" daydreamer. I see the sun behind the clouds, color in darkness, beauty within the pain and I believe that a life lived without enthusiasm is a life completely wasted.


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